[Koha] Migrating Koha Servers

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Jan 19 11:17:04 NZDT 2021

Hi Charles,

you can move your complete database from one to another server usually.
All the configuration is stored in the database, so you won't have to
re-enter frameworks, system preferences, patron information or any other

After you have loaded your database into the new installation, you need
to do a full reindex. That is the same if you are using Zebra or

Hope this helps,


On 18.01.21 12:33, Charles Kelley wrote:
> My library is migrating its Koha database to a new server. I have found
> instructions on both YouTube and static sources. But the instructions are
> not perfectly clear to me and I have a few questions.
> (1) How do you find out the password to MySQL?
> (2) Does it matter whether you are running MySQL or MariaDB?
> (3) Is "koha_library" a fixed phrase? Or is it the name of the Koha
> instance you are migrating, e.g., if your library is named ASDLIB, do you
> use "koha_library" or "ASDLIB"?
> (4) If you are running ElasticSearch, are there complications and if so,
> what are they and their solutions?
> (5) How does Zebra factor into all this?
> I'm trying to avoid
> * reentering frameworks;
> * downloading MRC files of the authority records and bibliographic records
> and uploading them into the new server because of suspected linkage
> problems between the authority records and $9 subfields in the
> bibliographic records;
> * reentering system preferences;
> * reentering patron information; and so forth.
> Thank you very much.

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