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Am I right in guessing that the majority of the books (titles) only have 
a single copy?  Also am I right in thinking most of the actual books 
(items) have no computer-readable numbers such as barcodes?

If both the above are true and if you have access to the command-line to 
run some SQL, then we could come up with a simple SQL command to add a 
single item for each title.  These items would have no barcodes to 
identify them.  They would have to have a branch and an item type (and 
usually a location but that is optional).

If many titles have multiple items or the items do have identifying 
numbers then is this information held in a spreadsheet somewhere?  If so 
there may be better ways to get the items created.

Can I ask why you want to add the items?  Is it so that the books can be 
issued to borrowers?  If so I think they may need an identifying number.

Can you say what version of Koha you have as that might determine what 
tools are available for some of the other options.

One is never too old to learn!  I'm sure you will get help from the 

Best regards.

On 14/02/2021 14:07, library at princeofpeaceabbey.org wrote:
> I am Br Raphael of Prince of Peace Abbey. I have been learning Koha 
> for the past year. I have become the librarian of the Abbey along with 
> a few other jobs. The library has about 40K volumes. I also have four 
> other libraries to merge into the main.
> I have to thank all who have helped in the past. Now my biggest 
> problem is that the librarian before me, God rest his soul, did not 
> attach Items to those 40K books. Beside doing it the hard way. That is 
> one by one. I hope there is a faster way to do that. I am not a 
> programmer so I need step by step instructions. I think I am doing 
> good with me being 74 years of age. I might be the oldest librarian 
> using Koha.
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