[Koha] Two problems with cover images: rotation and scaling

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Thu Feb 11 21:06:37 NZDT 2021

Hello André,
1. It's hardcoded, you cannot configure that. You should open a bug report.
2. It's a bug that has been fixed in more versions, see bug 23963
(which actually reverts 21987)

Le jeu. 11 févr. 2021 à 07:41, André Hartmann
<andrehartmann at hotmail.com> a écrit :

> Hello,
>   I have two problems with local cover images in our KOHA instance ( They concern rotation and scaling of the images.
>   1.  When uploading a local cover image which is in portrait mode (i.e. width is smaller than height), KOHA will display this image in the catalogue rotated 90°, i.e. in landscape mode... so you have to twist your neck to read it. Very inconvenient! Is there a way to avoid this? I scanned the system preferences but I could not find anything whose name suggests it has anything to do with that. When I upload images in landscape mode, they remain upright, so everything is fine. Images uploaded are jpg, size seems irrelevant.
>   1.  The upladed images get scaled down, resolution is lost significantly. I am aware that KOHA displays images as thumbnails and when you click on them supposedly in full size. But even the full size view has lost resolution. When a cover image contains a photo of the table of contents from a book, this cannot be read anymore when viewed in KOHA... but the picture before upload is very clear. Is there a way to control the downsizing/scaling, that KOHA obviously applies here?
> Thanks in avdance,
> André Hartmann
> KOHA admin of the libraries of the Berlin astronomical observatories
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