[Koha] Fields in item record entry form are too small in 20.11

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Thu Dec 17 10:03:01 NZDT 2020

Hi Elaine,

I think the problems you see are desribed here:


Hope this helps,


On 16.12.20 21:08, Elaine Bradtke wrote:
> I'm just testing  Looking at the item record entry form, I
> find some of the fields are too small.  Smaller than 20.05.05. Just to be
> sure it wasn't a fluke, I compared them using the same browser (chrome) on
> the same screen.  I also compared it to how it looks on Firefox and it's
> still  too small, smaller than the older version.
> Subfields a and b are so small that VWML only displays as V..
> and j shelving control number is only an arrow.
> This could be an annoyance in a large branch system.
> Should I file a bug?  Or is it only our system that's doing this?
> Elaine Bradtke
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