[Koha] Candidate for 18.05 Maintainer

Nick Clemens nick at bywatersolutions.com
Wed Nov 14 01:32:47 NZDT 2018

Hello all!

Last week during the Koha developers meeting we voted on roles for the
19.05 release. I will be continuing as the Release Manager, and we have
many hands helping along the way (

There is one role left unfilled: 18.05 Release Maintainer (old stable)

The release maintainers are responsible for watching the bugs queue from
the upcoming release and backporting bugs that affect the version they
watch, helping to make sure version in use are kept as stable as possible.

It is a good way to learn more about different areas of Koha, to practice
your rebasing skills, and to get more involved in the community.

There will be many people in the community around to help you out, and we
are always looking for new faces to take on these roles.

If you are interested please add your name to the wiki page above and we
will be voting tomorrow to accept candidates if we have one in place.

If you have any questions you can ask the list or message me here or in IRC.


Nick Clemens
Sonic Screwdriver (Development Support)
ByWater Solutions
IRC: kidclamp

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