[Koha] Encoding and Character Sets in Koha

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Fri Aug 31 08:08:36 NZST 2018

Hi Narcis,

000 should, if properly configured, auto-fill with a good value when 
clicking into the input field or when trying to save the record for the 
first time.

- Is there a plugin icon next to the 000 field?
- Is it mandatory?
- Does it populate when you click it?

If the LDR is there, new records should display ok without need to edit 
them again.


On 29.08.2018 10:09, Narcis Garcia wrote:
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> I'm still waiting for somebody releases that my previous post to the
> list. I had to format it in HTML to present some SQL table properties.
> Thank you Katrin for the 000@ subfield steps, but now I see that
> behaviour strange:
> To a MARC21 record is shown properly with unicode strings, it must be
> typed and saved 2 times:
> - First time it's saved right, but characters are shown bad on any Koha
> web interface.
> - After editing, re-typing and re-saving, all things are right (database
> data and web representation).
> If I set and leave [MARC21]000@ subfield with Visibility:Editor=Disabled
> Then a JS error message prevents I save new catalog records:
> "Can't save this record because the following field aren't filled:
> * tag 000 subfield 0 campo de control de longitud fija in tab 9"
> Does 000 at 0 subfield expect a constant value for any new record, or
> different value on each record? Can I default some pre-fixed value, or
> the only way is to create + review each new catalog record at all?
> El 26/08/18 a les 19:27, Katrin Fischer ha escrit:
>> Hi Narics,
>> try the following:
>> In your MARC framework, make the LDR 000 @ visible in the editor again.
>> Open the record, make sure the field is filled, save it. The plugin
>> linked to the LDR should take care of setting some sensible default
>> value just by clicking into the field. Try to view the record again, see
>> if that fixes your problem.
>> Note: the leader contains information about the encoding of the record,
>> if the LDR is missing, you can get records that behave strangely.
>> Katrin
>> On 25.08.2018 11:44, Narcis Garcia wrote:
>>> Didn't see the "El halcon Maltš" example?
>>> As "Koha web interface" I meant both OPAC and staff area.
>>> El 24/08/18 a les 18:24, Michael Kuhn ha escrit:
>>>> Hi Narcis
>>>> You wrote:
>>>>> When cataloguing books with non-english characters, I see well saved
>>>>> strings at database (from OS console), but Koha web interface is not
>>>>> showing those unicode characters as expected.
>>>> What exactly is shown? Can you give some examples?
>>>> What do you exactly mean with "Koha web interface" - is this the staff
>>>> client or the OPAC or both?
>>>> Is your Koha OPAC maybe accessible, and if yes what is the URL?
>>>> Best wishes: Michael
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