[Koha] Records missing from data export

Katrin Fischer Katrin.Fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Nov 1 23:53:50 NZDT 2015

Hi David,

it sounds to me like the records without items (952) are the ones missing.

I think the reason could be in the criteria you chose when exporting,
like limiting on something that is only present in the item record - did
you use the Accession date limit by chance?
Could you share the options you selected in the export form?

I just did a quick test with limiting on a biblionumber range and my
record without an item was exported correctly.

Hope this helps,


Am 27.10.2015 um 13:17 schrieb David Liddle:
> My further investigation into the matter seems to indicate that it is my
> analytic records that are not being exported. These were created using the
> Analytics Enhanced Workflow method described in the manual. Does anyone
> have an explanation for the situation?
> The pre-production server that I am working with is running Koha 3.20.04 on
> Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS.
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