[Koha] Taxonomy and Enquiry Management features within KOHA

Zeno Tajoli z.tajoli at cineca.it
Sun Jan 25 22:46:18 NZDT 2015

Dear Adnan,

>looking to possibly embed two features in our LMS: first, an enquiry
>management system feature (we do have 'ask a librarian' service);

probably the software code  to do an 'ask a librarian service' is not very
adapt to be insert in Koha sources. In fact checking https://foss4lib.org/ 
and Google there isn't a free open source software for a 'ask a librarian service'.

-You can buy a specific product, as https://libraryh3lp.com/ask-a-librarian

-Ask to Florida 'Ask a Library' what they use, http://info.askalibrarian.org/

-Implement the service with a generic reletion managment system with a web chat, like http://www.citadel.org/doku.php/doku.php?id=start

To connect the service an koha you need only to insert a link in Koha Opac.
To do this task see:

> and
>secondly, to adopt hierarchy-based taxonomy scheme (as opposed to keywords
>only). See example at: http://www.nphl.nhs.uk/

In fact you are speacking about a classification.
To insert data only, you need to select the MARC21 code in cataloguing.
For generic classification the code is 084.

Now you need to experiment by yourself.
Try to integrate 084 with an authority.
Try to use an authority 'thesaurus' type.
Try the solr browse hack of Stefano Bargioni,

If it is not enough, you can try to develop your solution
with specific cgi (perl .pl) and web templates (template toolkit .tt)

Zeno Tajoli

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