[Koha] Taxonomy and Enquiry Management features within KOHA

adnan adil aidnan.adil at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 23:30:24 NZDT 2015

Dear Zeno,

Thank you so much for your swift & thorough reply. Much appreciated.
Service model for our 'ask a librarian' is different; as its only opened to
internal staff via intranet (not through chat box). Hence enquiry
management is more like a 'enquiry tracking. I was looking something like
this solution:


I am also open to embed 'off-the-shelf' (commercial product), which can be
opted to deliver this functionality. I came across RT (an open source
product) https://www.bestpractical.com/rt/ ; was wondering if anyone has
experimented this before.

Kind regards


On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 9:46 AM, Zeno Tajoli <z.tajoli at cineca.it> wrote:

> Dear Adnan,
> >We're
> >looking to possibly embed two features in our LMS: first, an enquiry
> >management system feature (we do have 'ask a librarian' service);
> probably the software code  to do an 'ask a librarian service' is not very
> adapt to be insert in Koha sources. In fact checking https://foss4lib.org/
> and Google there isn't a free open source software for a 'ask a librarian
> service'.
> -You can buy a specific product, as
> https://libraryh3lp.com/ask-a-librarian
> -Ask to Florida 'Ask a Library' what they use,
> http://info.askalibrarian.org/
> -Implement the service with a generic reletion managment system with a web
> chat, like http://www.citadel.org/doku.php/doku.php?id=start
> To connect the service an koha you need only to insert a link in Koha Opac.
> To do this task see:
> http://www.koha.org/library/resources/Documentation/OPAC-Customization.pdf
> http://www.myacpl.org/koha/
> https://sometimesmotion.wordpress.com/
> ttp://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/JQuery_Library
> > and
> >secondly, to adopt hierarchy-based taxonomy scheme (as opposed to keywords
> >only). See example at: http://www.nphl.nhs.uk/
> In fact you are speacking about a classification.
> To insert data only, you need to select the MARC21 code in cataloguing.
> For generic classification the code is 084.
> Now you need to experiment by yourself.
> Try to integrate 084 with an authority.
> Try to use an authority 'thesaurus' type.
> Try the solr browse hack of Stefano Bargioni,
> http://www.slideshare.net/stefanobargioni/adding-browse-tokohausingsolr
> If it is not enough, you can try to develop your solution
> with specific cgi (perl .pl) and web templates (template toolkit .tt)
> Bye
> Zeno Tajoli

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