[Koha] Importing individual records

Seth Mayo smayo at stpeters.nsw.edu.au
Wed Aug 8 14:48:41 NZST 2012

The librarian has asked me to investigate an issue where when she using
Z39.50 to search for a biblio and then proceeds through the process of
adding it and an item, she is left with a record that is forever in the

I've looked around online and in the mailing list and I haven't found
anything like this...

Being the 'IT' guy and not the librarian, I'm trying to gather how it all
works as well.  Best I can work out you can add individual records with
Z39.50 from the cataloging screen which will at the end add it into the
catalogue or you can perform a staged marc import.

What our librarian needs to do is import 1 off books and not staged
batches.  So I would assuming using the Z39.50 search button, adding the
biblio and then an item would be all that is needed to complete this task.
Is this correct?  If it is correct, the records are going into a reservoir
instead of the catalogue.  I can find online that the reservoir is used
with the staged method but I can't find anything that says it is used
elsewhere.  How can records be released into the catalogue using the 1 off
method instead of the staged method?

I has been mentioned that this behaviour has changed since we upgraded Koha
for them.  Apparently before the upgrade, the 1 off books could be imported
in this method.  Is something broken or am I missing something somewhere?

I also found a website that mentioned the need for an ongoing cron job with
misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z.  I've manually executing
this to see if it would import the reservoir items but it hasn't changed

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Seth Mayo
IT Technical Manager
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