[Koha] Importing individual records

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Aug 8 21:03:10 NZST 2012

Op 08-08-12 04:48, Seth Mayo schreef:
> The librarian has asked me to investigate an issue where when she using
> Z39.50 to search for a biblio and then proceeds through the process of
> adding it and an item, she is left with a record that is forever in the
> reservoir.

I think the help for the cataloguing homepage could do with some
updating to better explain what the options do, however the way I'd
consider doing one-off entries is:

1. Go to "cataloguing"
2. Select "New record" and pick the framework
   This gives you the MARC entry fields
3. From there, use Z39.50 Search.
   This will populate the fields on the screen with the results of the

Then when you save, this should go straight into the catalogue.

To work with the reservoir, go to Tools -> Staged MARC record management.

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