[Koha] Sudden problem with check in

Peel Lisa lisa.peel at ritz.edu
Fri May 13 05:07:15 NZST 2011

Thanks for the response Henri-Damien - no, we have made no changes, it started about a week ago.



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Le 12/05/2011 17:25, Peel Lisa a écrit :
> Hello
> All of a sudden we are having a problem when checking in some items - 
> we keep getting the message 'this item needs to be transferred to IHCR.
> Transfer now?' even when the item is being checked in at IHCR and the 
> borrower also has the location IHCR. It is doing this sparodically 
> (different patrons, different item types) and I can't see any pattern 
> so it is hard to duplicate, it seems to be happening (at the moment) 
> only at one location.
> Any ideas? What does Circ use to determine location (I had assumed 
> from the location chosen when logging in)? And why has it only just 
> started to happen (been running Koha since last August).
> We are on 3.00.05 (hoping to upgrade very soon!!)
When has it begun ?
Have you changed something in circcontrol or HomeOrHoldingBranch systempreferences ?
Have you filed a bug ?
ccing mr. Croulebois, who will cope with that very soon.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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