[Koha] KOHA livecd 1.2 (Koha Dspace) wirth wubi install / The easy way

Adalid Ortiz adalid at tij.uia.mx
Fri May 13 11:29:06 NZST 2011

Only for general info.

I have recent (today) install Koha with Dspace using the Ubuntu ISO image of Live-CD versión at:
http://liblivecd.sourceforge.net/  and WUBI installer for Windows. The trick was the Wubi installer for Ubuntu 10.10

It's very easy if you wan't to try Koha and have only 1 PC with windows and don't want to do a disk repartition.

Final result:
Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10
Koha 3.2.6/Dspace

Install spanish language
Upgrade Ubuntu
Upgarde Koha

My yesterday install was KOHA 3.4 on my Kubuntu Netbook using the Koha's Ubuntu installation file and the Wiki instructions for that task. No problems.


Adalid Ortiz
Biblioteca Loyola

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