[Koha] Koha ldap authentification

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Wed May 11 00:12:59 NZST 2011


I'm not familiar with Microsofts LDAP schema, but, 

Are you sure this is correct??

as I understand it <base> section sets the base to start searching for users for authentication, not the <base> for the server?
do you need to put in the full dn for the user even after you specified the "base" ?

maybe try:

Here is my working LDAP config. section for eDir. maybe it will point you in the correct direction.
in the <base> section my T = my root tree name 

<useldapserver>1</useldapserver><!-- see C4::Auth_with_ldap for extra configs you must add if you want to turn this on -->
 <!-- LDAP SERVER (optional) -->
 <ldapserver id="ldapserver"  listenref="ldapserver">
  <user>*************</user>             <!-- DN, if not anonymous -->
  <pass>*************</pass>      <!-- password, if not anonymous -->
  <replicate>1</replicate>   <!-- add new users from LDAP to Koha database -->
  <update>0</update>         <!-- update existing users in Koha database -->
  <mapping>             <!-- match koha SQL field names to your LDAP record field names -->
   <firstname    is="givenname"      ></firstname>
   <surname      is="sn"             ></surname>
   <address      is=""    >Alma Public Schools</address>
   <city         is=""    >Alma</city>
   <zipcode      is=""    >48801</zipcode>
   <branchcode   is=""    >PINE</branchcode>
   <userid       is="cn"            ></userid>
   <password     is=""    ></password>
   <email        is="mail"           ></email>
   <categorycode is=""   >PT</categorycode>
   <phone        is="telephonenumber"></phone>

>>> mihafan<mihafan at gmail.com> 5/10/2011 3:14 AM >>>
Description of problem:

On local machine is installed windows server 2003 with configured active
I installed Debian on another machine, here I installed Koha 3.2 which still
works well.
Koha have configured to use a active directory ldap server.
I test this ldap server with Softerra LDAP Browser and it works, to test
this ldap server I use a credentials:
cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=koha,dc=local, password: Q1W2e3r4.
koha-conf.xml contents:

  <ldapserver id="ldapserver">
       <firstname    is="givenName"      ></firstname>
       <surname      is="sn"             ></surname>
       <address      is="postalAddress"  ></address>
       <city     is="l" ></city>
       <branchcode   is=""               >MAIN</branchcode>
       <userid       is="sAMAccountName" >Administrator</userid>
       <password     is="userPassword"   ></password>
       <categorycode is="">PT</categorycode>

When I try to log in OPAC module, I give a error "Invalid username or

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