[Koha] Duplicated authorities

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue May 10 23:00:37 NZST 2011

In preparing to do another batch upload of data, we ran a test import
of authorities, and ran a check for duplicates.  This returned some
unexpected results.  There are duplicates already in Koha.  I
currently have it set to allow the BiblioAddsAuthorities (on the
theory that we're only adding downloaded records from reputable
sources so the terms and names should be ok).  However,  when we
download a record and save it, it creates new authority records
apparently without checking to see if one already exists (or if it is
checking, it's doing it invisibly and failing to match on the 100
Now I've got a batch of duplicate authorities, linked to biblios.  It
is rather tedious to go through manually and change them one by one
and then wait for the zebra to update so I can go back and delete the
extraneous ones.

Two questions: a) Is there an easy(ier) way to fix the existing duplicates?
                       b) How can I prevent the creation of duplicates
from happening?
I could  switch off the BiblioAddsAuthorities,  but my colleagues will
grumble. . .

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