[Koha] full call number import

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Mar 3 00:24:24 NZDT 2011

TSBC Librarian asked:
> [...] Does anyone know of a way to do bulk saves or is there
> something we can run to do this for us. It is very time consuming opening
> each item only to save information already showing there.  

I think I've used perl to call C4::Items::ModItem directly with
something like
  perl -MC4::Items -e 'foreach $i (1..5000) { ModItem({},undef,$i); }'
before, where your items are numbered 1..5000, but this problem may
be a symptom of something wrong with your Koha so backup first and do
this only if you're really sure about it!  It's also pretty slow.

Good luck!
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