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Wed Mar 2 09:21:36 NZDT 2011

We have just transferred all our records from a windows based 2.2.9 to a
Linux based 3.02  - a steep learning curve but it seems to have gone well so
far. However we have noted that itemtype and call number did not appear in
the record. We solved the itemtype by batch changes. However, it appears
that we have to solve the call number issue item by item (yes, over 5000 of
them). When we open the edit function for the item we can see the call
number sitting there in 952o so it has imported from 852a quite happily.
However, it does not show in the record, OPAC or back end, till we edit then
save, item by item. Does anyone know of a way to do bulk saves or is there
something we can run to do this for us. It is very time consuming opening
each item only to save information already showing there.  


Many thanks,


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