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hidden : allows you to select from 19 possible visibility conditions, 17<br=
of which are implemented. They are the following:<br>
( ! means &#39;not visible&#39; or in the case of Collapsed &#39;not Collap=
-9 =3D&gt; Future use<br>
-8 =3D&gt; Flag<br>
-7 =3D&gt; OPAC !Intranet !Editor Collapsed<br>
-6 =3D&gt; OPAC Intranet !Editor !Collapsed<br>
-5 =3D&gt; OPAC Intranet !Editor Collapsed<br>
-4 =3D&gt; OPAC !Intranet !Editor !Collapsed<br>
-3 =3D&gt; OPAC !Intranet Editor Collapsed<br>
-2 =3D&gt; OPAC !Intranet Editor !Collapsed<br>
-1 =3D&gt; OPAC Intranet Editor Collapsed<br>
0 =3D&gt; OPAC Intranet Editor !Collapsed<br>
1 =3D&gt; !OPAC Intranet Editor Collapsed<br>
2 =3D&gt; !OPAC !Intranet Editor !Collapsed<br>
3 =3D&gt; !OPAC !Intranet Editor Collapsed<br>
4 =3D&gt; !OPAC Intranet Editor !Collapsed<br>
5 =3D&gt; !OPAC !Intranet !Editor Collapsed<br>
6 =3D&gt; !OPAC Intranet !Editor !Collapsed<br>
7 =3D&gt; !OPAC Intranet !Editor Collapsed<br>
8 =3D&gt; !OPAC !Intranet !Editor !Collapsed<br>
9 =3D&gt; Future use<br>
Robin Sheat<br>
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Subject: Re: [Koha] subfields in cataloging framework<br>
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2011/4/1 martin caris &lt;<a href=3D"mailto:martin_caris at">marti=
n_caris at</a>&gt;:<br>
&gt; Hi,<br>
&gt; What do these figures correspond to the tab &quot;hidden&quot; in the =
configuration of<br>
&gt; subfields for cataloging framework. (-5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ...)=
&gt; How can I make the link between my biblio framework and my authority<b=
&gt; framework?<br>
HI Martin<br>
I suggest you read<br>
<a href=3D"
arcbibframeworks" target=3D"_blank">


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