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Wed Feb 2 09:48:55 NZDT 2011

agree it would be way cool, fun and a very valuable addition to Koha's
value from "customer relations" POV.

2011/4/18 Robin Sheat <robin at>:
> Op maandag 18 april 2011 23:46:28 schreef Nicole Engard:
>> You are right that the lists now look like the search results, but
>> they do not have the RSS feed by default. There are however custom RSS
>> feeds that you can create for any types of content
> RSS feeds are great, but most people don't know about them or what they a=
> A cron job that runs weekly, bi-weekly & monthly, looks up the people who=
> mentioned that they want to receive new items at that frequency of a set =
> types, takes the output similar to that made by the RSS generator, and fi=
> it off to them would a) be worthwhile and b) a fun project to implement, =
> think.
> You could also roll other things into it, e.g. news that's been published=
> the OPAC within the selected timespan, or have a special notice section f=
> emails to make it really easy for libraries to set up newsletter-style th=
> with news and new items, customised to what that user wants to see.
> Bonus points if there is also added the feature to do librarian reviews a=
> have these included with the items if they're available (as STDC does her=
> but actually attached to the record.)
> Of course, now it's becoming less of a medium-sized project and more of a=
> one :)
> As much as I wish everyone would just use RSS, I don't see it happening (=
> I have an RSS reader open pretty much all the time, and forget to check i=
> more than once every week or two.) However, everyone (almost) understands
> email and knows how to work it.
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