[Koha] Question about cutter classification

Marilen Corciovei marilen.corciovei at nemesisit.ro
Fri Feb 25 00:52:01 NZDT 2011

Hello everybody,

We are trying to migrate an old proprietary software to Koha and one of 
the "requirements" of the librarians is something called "author sign" 
or "cutter number". The librarian manual I've consulted describes the 
process of creating this number using a table. This table contains for 
each letter 99 combinations of starting letters or syllables. For a 
bibliographic entry the starting letters of the name of the first author 
or the title is used to search in this table. Then the first letter and 
the resulting number is used as this code which has as purpose to 
simplify shelving.

I was wondering if someone implemented such an algorithm in Koha in 
order to validate my assumptions for the requirements to implement such 
a field:

- marc storage. Which marc field was used? (we are using unimarc)
- formula. Was this implemented as a combo with all the values or as a 
value builder field plugin which calculates automatically the value? The 
algorithm is clear but there are some exceptions which are not quite 
obvious such as how this is calculated for a title starting with 
numbers. The manual states that for 1001 it uses "one thousand and one" 
as text.

Thank you for any hints,

Kind regards,

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