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Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Fri Feb 25 10:22:43 NZDT 2011

Please note: This release is a security release. It is strongly recommended
that users apply this upgrade immediately to production systems. If you are
installing a new system, please use this version rather than earlier
 It is with pleasure that I announce the release of Koha 3.2.5.

The package can be retrieved from:


You can use the following checksum and signature files to verify the


Release notes for 3.2.5 are below.

Come and get it!

RELEASE NOTES FOR KOHA 3.2.5 - 24 February 2011

Koha is the first free and open source software library automation package
(ILS). Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes,

volunteers, and support companies from around the world.
The website for the Koha project is


Koha 3.2.5 can be downloaded from:


Installation instructions can be found at:


Highlights of 3.2.5

NOTE: This release is a security release. It is strongly recommended
that users apply
this upgrade immediately to production systems. If you are installing
a new system, please

use this version rather than earlier versions.

Bugs fixed in 3.2.5

1953    remove possible SQL injection attacks
2742    Wrong language name in the preferences
5745    overdues with fines not showing titles

5759    When printing a borrowers information the secondary email
address is not printed
5769    notice tab disappearing on edit patron

System requirements

    Changes since 3.0:

    * The minimum version of Perl required is now 5.8.8.
    * There are a number of new Perl module dependencies.
      Run ./koha_perl_deps.pl -u -m to get a list of
      any new modules to install during upgrade.


The structure of the acquisitions tables have changed significantly
from 3.0.x.  In particular, the budget hierarchy is quite different.
During an upgrade, a new database table is created called fundmapping

that contains a record of how budgets were mapped.  It is strongly
recommended that users of Koha 3.0.x acquisitions carefully review
the results of the upgrade before resuming ordering in Koha 3.2.x.



As of Koha 3.2, the Koha manual is now maintained in DocBook.  The
home page for Koha documentation is


As of the date of these release notes, several translations of the
Koha manual are available:

English: http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/

Spanish: http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual-es/
French:  http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual-fr/

The Git repository for the Koha manual can be found at




Complete or near-complete translations of the OPAC and staff
interface are available in this release for the following languages:

  * Chinese
  * Danish
  * English (New Zealand)

  * English (USA)
  * French (France)
  * French (Canada)
  * German
  * Greek
  * Hindi
  * Italian
  * Norwegian
  * Portuguese
  * Spanish
  * Turkish

Partial translations are available for various other languages.

The Koha team welcomes additional translations; please see


for information about translating Koha, and join the koha-translate

list to volunteer:


The most up-to-date translations can be found at:


Release Team

The release team for Koha 3.2 is

Release Manager:        Galen Charlton <gmcharlt at gmail.com>

Documentation Manager:  Nicole Engard <nengard at gmail.com>
Translation Manager:    Chris Cormack <chris at bigallofwax.co.nz>

Release Maintainer (3.0.x):
                        Henri-Damien Laurent <henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com>
Release Maintainer (3.2.x):
                        Chris Nighswonger <cnighswonger at foundations.edu>


We thank the following individuals who contributed patches to Koha 3.2.5:

Owen Leonard
Chris Nighswonger
marcel at libdevelop.rijksmuseum.nl

Paul Poulain

We regret any omissions.  If a contributor has been inadvertantly missed,
please send patch against these release notes to
koha-patches at lists.koha-community.org.

The 3.2.x Release Maintainer especially thanks the 3.4 Release Team and all
who participated in QA for their diligent labors in testing and pushing well
over 330 patches since the 3.2.0 relese. Their continued work very much makes

possible the release of 3.2.5 on its announced schedule.

Revision control notes

The Koha project uses Git for version control.  The current development
version of Koha can be retrieved by checking out the master branch of


The branch for Koha 3.2.x (i.e., this version of Koha and future bugfix
releases) is 3.2.x.

The next major feature release of Koha will be Koha 3.4.0.

Bugs and feature requests

Bug reports and feature requests can be filed at the Koha bug
tracker at


Naku te rourou, nau te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi.
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