[Koha] problem sending email using nullmailer with Koha 3.2 on UBUNTU 10.10 and gmail as smtp.

masabai info at thelanguageproject.org
Fri Feb 18 02:16:35 NZDT 2011

nullmailer is configued as follows
mail name of your system: koha  

smtp.gmail.com smtp --port=465 --user=mylibrarystaff at gmail.com --pass=xxxxx
have also tried it using port=587

it has been trying to send overdue notices that seem to be correctly configured,
and I have tried to send purchase suggestions as "test" emails but nothing comes

getting this error message in mail.log
Feb 17 19:04:04 koha nullmailer[8071]: Starting delivery: protocol: smtp host:
smtp.gmail.com file: 1296735302.1339
Feb 17 19:04:04 koha nullmailer[8071]: Sending failed:  Unspecified error

any suggestions greatly appreciated! thaqnks.

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