[Koha] KohaCon 2011 : The Votes Are In

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 02:18:53 NZDT 2011

Hello all,

The KohaCon 2011 Location Survey is closed.  We had a total of 877
responses. If you voted for a location as your first choice it got 4
points, your second choice 3 points, and so on. Below is the break
down in points.

** Thane, India [ End October - Beginning November ] 2640+150+62+33= 2885 **
Kathmandu, Nepal [ November / December 2011 ] 432+96+186+24= 738
Kolkata, India [ November / December 2011 ] 156+339+104+33= 632
Somerset or Bristol, UK [ September / October 2011 ] 160+141+72+108 = 481

The raw results will be posted to the wiki (I can't upload a CSV file
- I need some admin help). I do want to know what your opinions are
about posting the full CSV file to the wiki - it does have all our
email addresses.  I might remove that column before posting if enough
people express a concern about that or just email the CSV to those who
want to see the raw results and not worry about posting it publicly at

 Even if we ignore votes from those who didn't fill in all the
information I'm pretty sure we have a winner.

Nicole C. Engard

PS. I recommend that we soon move on to voting for the location for
2012 so that we can get on top of things and conference planners have
more time to prepare.

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