[Koha] problem with duplicate entries

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Feb 22 22:31:32 NZDT 2011

Robin Sheat wrote:
> Emrys Minnig schreef op vr 18-02-2011 om 15:22 [+0000]:
> > Of course, this was with the first release candidate of Koha 3, so I'm
> > not sure if that was a factor.
> A potential fix for this might be to send (and somehow track) an ID
> along with the request to prevent multiple requests being honoured. 
> You could check your webserver logs to see if two requests were really
> sent. This would help isolate whether it's a browser or koha issue.

Yes, I did that.  Two requests were really sent.  Sorry for forgetting
to mention it.  The odd thing is that the second requests were sent
just before the "Add Item" request, which seems incomprehensible to me.

This is why I was not inclined to change Koha to fix it, until/unless
it becomes obvious that Koha is triggering the duplication somehow.
But yes, I guess a once-only ID would solve this.  Do we have something
suitable in any of the perl modules we already use?  I didn't find one
on a quick look in CGI::Session.

I'd still like to hear of other instances of this problem...

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