[Koha] problem with duplicate entries

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Feb 17 23:57:10 NZDT 2011

Emrys Minnig wrote:
> Kate Jones wrote:
> > (1) Duplicate entries.  When I am creating new catalogue entries, I
> > often find I get a 'double' entry, so that I end up with a biblio record
> > with holdings, and one without.  I then have to go back and delete the
> > extra entry, otherwise it shows up on catalogue searches as having 'no
> > items' which is confusing for people using the catalogue.  This happens
> > when I'm accessing my Koha server via a network; when I have the chance
> > to catalogue straight on to the server, it doesn't happen, so presumably
> > it's a network issue, but can anyone suggest a way of avoiding this
> > problem?
> Regarding (1): have you been using Internet Explorer when
> cataloguing?  IE is unsupported for the staff interface and has been
> known to add duplicate biblios.  Firefox is recommended.

I had the opportunity to look at someone's computer that was making
duplicates a while ago, as well as create an unduplicated new record
with my laptop on their network connection (thereby eliminating
"network issue" - a cache doing something stupid, most likely).

My current suspicion is that Google Toolbar (installed site-wide by
their IT department) causing duplicates somehow, rather than IE8.  Can
anyone confirm or refute that?

Sorry if this is now moot!
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