[Koha] ItemType icons and "biblio vs biblioitems" revisited (sorry)

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Fri Feb 18 05:46:19 NZDT 2011

> But if I use biblio-level itemtypes, and therefore have a duplicate
> biblio-level record for each format, each one will need to be updated,
> tagged and listed separately?

Yes, you're right. It would be a nightmare to keep them updated with
the same tags and in the same lists.

> My Proms 2009 video is available in Bluray, AVI, MPEG, standard DVD
> and mixed data/vdo DVD. All are exactly the same content, just
> different presentation/delivery formats.

Other than the item type image issue, using item-level item types is
ideal for this.

> I thought the Advanced Search option was only available for the
> biblio-level item types?

No, you can use it for item-level item types.

> Now if that **Biblio-level** SomeField has say seven possible values,
> enforced by Authority, isn't there a way to assign an icon to each
> value and have this show up in search results? Or failing that,
> re-purposing an existing field that will at least show the text there?

I don't know of any way to do that.

  -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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