[Koha] General #koha IRC meeting times

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Sat Apr 9 13:08:31 NZST 2011

On 08/04/11 10:27, Thomas Dukleth wrote:
> Alternating between UTC 5, 10, and 19 with occasional adjustment for
> seasonal changes in local time seems to me best for encouraging diverse
> participation based on my trivial analysis.

Currently UTC 19 is 5am in Eastern Australia.  But as we generally don't 
achieve large participation by Australians in these meetings (surprising 
in some ways) and it can't be 9am everywhere at once, we can live with 
this.  The other two times work well for us.

There is a rapidly expanding Koha community in India and Pakistan, which 
iirc are 4 to 5 hours behind us - so UTC 19 is in the wee hours there. 
People in that zone may wish to chip in.

Good analysis, Thomas, thanks.

Bob Birchall

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