[Koha] Journal articles and analytical records

Ian Bays ian.bays at ptfs-europe.com
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Hi Elaine,
We are using the "link" within the MARC framework (subfield, edit 
subfields, select subfield, display more constraints, Link) in tag 776 
(Additional Physical Form Entry) to link to other records.  We set this 
in subfield 'o' to 'Control-number' which equates in Zebra terms to the 
001 tag.  We loaded accession numbers in the 001 tags.  This seems to 
work (version but is quite limited in where you can see the 
link work.  Out of the box you can only see the link work in the staff 
client when looking at the MARC view of the detail record.  In this case 
you can click on the hyperlink and you are taken to the other record, 
but as yet I do not see it in the OPAC.  Maybe the 773 OPAC display 
might be more inclusive and have the links.  We will probably be looking 
more at these linkages for this and other customers.

What you describe below looks good for potentially linking from the 
child to the parent record, but I am not sure how you would link from 
parent to child.

I hope this may be of some use to you.
All the best.
Keep the list posted if you make any progress.
On 29/03/2010 12:27, Elaine Bradtke wrote:
> Regarding the subfields in 773, I'm using $x  ISSN and $z ISBN when we
> have this information, plus $o for the accession number of the item. A
> lot of what we have doesn't have  International Standard numbers for
> one reason or another, but it all has an accession number.
> I haven't worried too much about the display at the moment, it seemed
> to look ok in the test runs.
> The one thing I couldn't get to function was a link between the 773
> field and the parent item, but we're a bit behind in installing Koha
> releases*, and this may work better in the newer ones.
> Perhaps we should form a group on analytics and pool our information
> and techniques?  With an idea of putting together a little wiki?
> Thanks
> Elaine
> (*I work 2 days a week on this project, and my IT guru is a volunteer. . . )
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>> From: Linda Culberson<lculber at mdah.state.ms.us>
>> Subject: [Koha]  Journal articles and analytical records
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>> All,
>> We are just now loading our records, but have thousands of analytic
>> records that we will be experimenting with. Like Elaine and Beda, we are
>> looking at using the 773.  I was thinking about putting the host item
>> system number in the subfield $w and maybe using the subfield $o for
>> something to tie directly to the individual item. In our current system
>> we are using the item part, and I was thinking of either trying that or
>> using the barcode or itemnumber in the $o. What subfields have been used
>> in your testing, Elaine?
>> I am relieved to know we are not alone in looking at this and look
>> forward to working with everyone.  We have absolutely no funds to
>> contribute but sweat equity works, I hope.
>> Thanks!
>> Linda
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>> From: Jared Camins-Esakov<camins at numismatics.org>
>> Subject: Re: [Koha] Journal articles and analytical records
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>> Good morning, list,
>> I replied off-list to Andrew yesterday, assuming that no one else was
>> crazy enough to create analytics, but it looks like I was wrong.
>> In our database of ~175,000 bibliographic records, we have ~120,000
>> analytic records, created over the last 50 years (our card catalog was
>> digitized in the 90s). Our old system did not link analytics, but we
>> very much want to provide linking in the new Koha catalog. I added
>> ISBNs, ISSNs, LCCNs, and local control numbers to ~91,000 of those
>> analytic records, but for everything except for the ISBN, that only
>> identifies the bibliographic record and not the actual item. We don't
>> currently do anything with the links, although it seems like it
>> shouldn't be too problematic to add them, at least on a bib record level
>> (50 years of catalogers have resulted in exceedingly inconsistent 773$g
>> formatting).
>> It's very good to know that we're not going it alone with regards to
>> analytic records in Koha. How are those of you with analytics displaying
>> host publication information in the OPAC?
>> Unfortunately, we probably don't have any money for sponsoring these
>> features, either.
>> Regards,
>> Jared

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