[Koha] Koha Harley - no items available

Reed Wade reed at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Jul 27 10:17:30 NZST 2010

You'll want to go with one of the official releases. These are found at:


Harley is a code bundle made available by Liblime from a site that
used to be where Koha lived.


2010/7/27 Paul Davis <ped811 at gmail.com>:
> Hello;
> I installed Koha Harley on a new machine (latest Debian) everything nice.
> Backed up my old mysql from Koha 3.0, and restored on new machine.
> Everything looks great in the intranet, nothing in the OPAC when searching.
> On intranet side, I do a search and then limit to available items and
> nothing shows there, most likely why OPAC doesn't show.  Cannot edit items
> either, probably because they aren't available.  What am I missing?
> The onloan, damaged, etc... fields all have 0 in them.  I may try
> re-indexing my zebra.  I have rebuilt zebra with rebuild_zebra.pl a few
> times and no joy.
> I am:
> Paul Davis
> Network Administrator
> StarTouch Broadband Services
> and helper-outer with my local private school library (was Technology
> Director there for 20 years)
> Thank you in advance - I am hoping it is a simple fix.  :-)
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