[Koha] Koha Harley - no items available

Paul Davis ped811 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 09:16:36 NZST 2010


I installed Koha Harley on a new machine (latest Debian) everything nice.
Backed up my old mysql from Koha 3.0, and restored on new machine.
Everything looks great in the intranet, nothing in the OPAC when searching.
On intranet side, I do a search and then limit to available items and
nothing shows there, most likely why OPAC doesn't show.  Cannot edit items
either, probably because they aren't available.  What am I missing?

The onloan, damaged, etc... fields all have 0 in them.  I may try
re-indexing my zebra.  I have rebuilt zebra with rebuild_zebra.pl a few
times and no joy.

I am:

Paul Davis
Network Administrator
StarTouch Broadband Services
and helper-outer with my local private school library (was Technology
Director there for 20 years)

Thank you in advance - I am hoping it is a simple fix.  :-)
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