[Koha] PTFS Koha Community Support and the Koha.org Website

Nicole Engard nengard at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 16:34:57 NZST 2010


Thank you so much for communicating with us all!!

I just wanted to reply to let you know that I think you might have a
misunderstood the purpose of koha-community.org.  This site was not
set up as a temporary site, but as the new official Koha site.  Our
reason for doing this was that as an open source community we wanted
an open website where anyone can sign up and add/edit content.

Since koha-community.org is open to anyone, you and Kelly and anyone
can sign up and start adding content to it today.  Much effort has
been put in the new site to provide all the things that community want
in a website and we did not have any plans on abandoning it. What
would make the most sense would be for koha.org to be redirected to

We look forward to your content on the koha-community.org website.

Thanks again,
Nicole C. Engard
Koha Documentation Manager

2010/4/23 John Yokley <jyokley at ptfs.com>:
> As you know, PTFS acquired LibLime and is integrating the LibLime operation
> into our existing open source software business unit.  With this
> acquisition, PTFS inherited quite a few tasks, all to be performed
> simultaneously, and our work is not near complete.  However, we want to
> increase our involvement within the community now, at this early phase of
> the transition.
> As promised, PTFS will continue to support the Koha open source community.
> We understand that the http://koha-community.org/ website was set up as a
> temporary measure before our purchase of LibLime, out of concerns that the
> content of koha.org was out of date and was not under the control of
> official members of the community.  To resolve this issue PTFS would like
> help in updating and supporting koha.org.
> To that end, we email to solicit community volunteers to support and update
> portions of the koha.org web site in a collaborative fashion similar to how
> it worked about a year ago.  We understand that people in the elected Koha
> roles had editing rights to the following areas on the site:
> Documentation
> Downloads
> Release Manager and Maintainer
> Translation Manager
> etc.
> If the current or former persons in these or other roles are interested in
> taking over these website responsibilities again, and returning to a
> collaborative model for support of the koha.org site, please contact Kelly
> Sherman at ksherman at liblime.com.
> In addition, PTFS is happy to remain the host of the git repository and have
> already set up a ‘new_features’ branch for the next version with permissions
> to push granted to Chris Cormack.
> PTFS looks forward to continuing our work with the community to mutually
> advance the goal of producing the world’s best open source ILS system that
> can truly go head-to-head with the legacy proprietary systems.
> Best Regards
> John Yokley
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