[Koha] Koha 3.0 LDAP Question?

Barry Cannon bc at interleaf.ie
Thu Feb 12 23:33:57 NZDT 2009

I have been trying to configure LDAP and have a couple of questions:


The Wiki says: There are two parts of the KOHA_CONF file (default
location: /etc/koha.xml) relevant to LDAP authentication: the
configuration stanza itself, and the "switch" line that enables or
disables LDAP. The switch appears in the main <config> section, 0 for
"off" and 1 for "on",....


Should I take this to mean the koha-conf.xml file? There is no koha.xml
file on our installed server? If it is this file, do I simply add the
LDAP server options in the config file. 


I have assumed that is what is needed but I can't figure out where to go
from there? Is there an Admin tool to configure/test the LPAD






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