[Koha] Re: new to koha: where to get z39.50 servers?

Beda Szukics beda at muri-gries.ch
Mon Nov 5 19:01:24 NZDT 2007

H.S. schrieb:
>>> Do I need any kind of
>>> authorization to connect to various such servers (username and
>>> password)?
>> Usually not.
> How do I know?

Have a look at the list. It usually says when authorisation is required. 

> Yes, got the list. I tried a few but the search result doesn't give me
> anything. I am not sure how to find out which ones require authorization
> and which one don't.

How did you do the search? From within koha or by different means (MarcEdit 
has a nice z3950-client). 

>> BTW. I would recomend not to use npl-framework when working with z3950.
>> At least in my case z3950 configuration and search works only with the
>> default framework. I don't know why.
> er .. ahem ... not sure what this all means. I guess I need to read up a
> bit more about this :)

Koha (at least 2.2.9 wich I use) has two different ways to show the pages 
npl and default. npl looks nicer but default works better (at least it seems 
so to me) :-) 

Greetings               Beda

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