[Koha] attempting to install Koha at Bluehost.com

Truth Collins sameoldtruth at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 07:47:42 NZST 2007

Dear fellow list members,
  In am interested in installing Koha onto a web hosting account and not on a home computer.  I decided to try Bluehost because I saw that they allowed editing the php.ini file and so figured that they might be my best shot at getting Koha installed on subscription account that I could afford.  Other than wondering if anyone else has been successful in doing so with any web site hosting companies I request feedback on the following.
  After finding out that that Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) uses Fedora I emailed the Bluehost tech support the Install file and asked them to look it over and tell me if I could install it in my web hosting account as part of a web site.  (Though the Install instructions were dated from 2005 I was hoping that they would be sufficient).  Bellow is the the response email I recieved from the Bluehost tech support staff.
  First though, here are my questions in relation to their response:
  A) are there substitute Perl modules that I can install because Bluehost says that they can only install modules when there is a "stable version" of them?  E.g.:
    1)Sendmail v0.79 <-- Bluehost says that it is not in a stable release and so they won't install it.  What can I do about this?
    2)Net::Z3950 v0.51 <-- I looked this one up and it is outdated by a replacement.  Since this was written in 2005 then perhaps I can use the replacement instead?  What can I do about this.
  B) In short: would someone please give me a list of what I should ask the web hosting company (in this case Bluehost) to install?
  in gratitude,
  Truth C.
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 Date::Manip v5.44 - STABLE RELEASE CAN BE INSTALLED.  DBD::mysql v4.004 - installed  HTML::Template v2.9 - STABLE RELEASE CAN BE INSTALLED.  Digest::MD5 v2.36 - installed  MARC::Record v2.0.0 - STABLE RELEASE CAN BE INSTALLED.  Mail::Sendmail v0.79 -NOT IN STABLE RELEASE WILL NOT BE INSTALLED.  Event v1.09 - STABLE RELEASE CAN BE INSTALLED.  Net::Z3950 v0.51 - NOT IN STABLE RELEASE WILL NOT BE INSTALLED.    As far as configuration and installation for Koha that is something   that would be left up to you. Make sure you have accurate installation   instructions and that you feel comfortable following them.    M...D...    Support Level 1"

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