[Koha] attempting to install Koha at Bluehost.com

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Wed Jul 18 20:15:07 NZST 2007

Truth Collins <sameoldtruth at yahoo.com> wrote: [...]
>   After finding out that that Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) uses Fedora [...]

Now this makes more sense.  Please keep related emails in one thread
and please could you set a line-wrap about 68 characters?  It will
make it much easier for people to reply and we're doing this free...

>     1)Sendmail v0.79 <-- Bluehost says that it is not in a stable release and so they won't install it.  What can I do about this?

You mean Mail::Sendmail (Sendmail is something else).  You can
probably use an older one, but you may miss some features.  I don't
think the usage has changed and Koha doesn't *require* the features,
so you should be OK, but your mailserver might require the features.
The changelog for it is http://alma.ch/perl/scripts/Sendmail/Changes

>     2)Net::Z3950 v0.51 <-- I looked this one up and it is outdated by a replacement.  Since this was written in 2005 then perhaps I can use the replacement instead?  What can I do about this.

I think a newer one should be fine.  This was surprisingly missing from
my list of dependencies!  I'll investigate how that happened...

...it seems that it is loaded with "require" and not "use".  I'll ask
the devel list why.

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