[Koha] forced to generate new barcode with EVERY item edit

Julka Grodel jgrodel at itasoftware.com
Tue Jan 30 05:39:16 NZDT 2007

Thank you Joshua and Jason!

Unclicking mandatory for the subfield kept me from being *forced* to 
generate a new barcode when editing the item data, however, if I didn't 
click on the field and generate a new barcode, the item would be saved 
without any barcode whatsoever, no with the old one. To give it a 
barcode again, I'd have to edit it again and click on the field, thus 
generating a new barcode. This happened even when autoBarcode was 
disabled. But this was on the right track.

What solved the problem for me was rather what Jason suggested, and that 
was deselected the plugin as being associated barcode.pl for the 
subfield (952p, in my case). The huge drawback to this is the 
autogeneration of the barcode doesn't work at all anymore, whether 
enabled or disabled. I can live with that.


Jason Ronallo wrote:
> Could it be that in your MARC framework you have the barcode plugin
> enabled for the barcode subfield? For me even with autobarcode off it
> still wanted to generate the barcode for me. I had to enter the MARC
> framework and change plugin to be blank.
> If this or another solution works for you please post it to the list
> for the benefit of all. Thanks.
> HTH,
> --Jason
> On 1/26/07, Julka Grodel <jgrodel at itasoftware.com> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I've installed Koha 2.2.7 on a linux machine, and everything seems to be
>> working well except for editing biblio items. When I edit the item level
>> data, but the holding branch, for example, and click "Modify item" I get
>> a message that I *must* enter a barcode. When I click on the field, it
>> out generates a new one for me. I can't delete it and put in the old
>> one. I've double and tripple checked, and I have autoCarcode off (0). I
>> also tried commenting out the part of
>> intranet/admin/cgi-bin/acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl that support
>> autoBarcode. Nothing has changed, even after restarting apache and
>> clearing my browsers cache.
>> Anyone have any ideas? I'd love to have a barcode autogenerated for new
>> items, but I'd be ok with entering it manually every time so long as the
>> barcode isn't forced to change whenever I edit item data.
>> Thanks,
>> Julka
>> Peter Scott wrote:
>> > Hi Folks,
>> >
>> > I'm still having an issue on this :(
>> >
>> > I have a Ubuntu 6.06 server installation, and all my clients are W2K 
>> (network server is W2003 server, providing DNS, using hosts file on 
>> clients for testing)
>> >
>> > I followed the install instructions for Koha on Debian (supplimented 
>> by the installing koha on ubuntu notes) from the doc site.
>> >
>> > The instructions say "install Apache 2.2" and give the command 
>> "apt-get install apache2" to perform this. I have noticed (now) that 
>> this has installed apache 2.0.55, rather than 2.2. Is this release OK 
>> or do I really need apache 2.2?
>> >
>> > Is there anyone else out there running Koha on Ubuntu? I wouls like 
>> to talk to other users on this platform to discuss issues!
>> >
>> > I have tried all the permutations I can think of in the 
>> koha-httpd.conf, ports.conf and httpd.conf on the server and in the 
>> hosts file on the client, and still can't get the intranet page to open.
>> >
>> > Interestingly, I installed Koha on my W2K pc, so we could evaluate 
>> the package - with the intention of putting up on Linux if we decided 
>> to use koha - and had no problems getting the intranet page to open 
>> across the network.
>> >
>> > Thanks in advance,
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Peter
>> > Peter Scott
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