[Koha] Problem in running "bulkmarcimport.pl" script

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Thu Jan 25 17:55:10 NZDT 2007

Rob Weir wrote:
> Hi Chris:
> Thanks for the help with the MARC modules. Are you using the latest CVS 
> versions of MARC-Record and MARC_Charset from the MARC.pm  project at 
> Sourceforge? Or are you using one of the earlier "stable" versions 
> listed under the project's file download page?
> What about MARC-XML? Are you getting that from Sourceforge as well? If 
> so, the CVS version?
> I didn't realize that the koha project was using CVS versions of some 
> modules. I guess I just assumed the latest versions from CPAN would work.
Hi Rob

It may have all changed since that last message to, the MARC::Record 
module has gotten a new maintainer who is updating (if he has already 
updated) the version on CPAN.
Ideally all the modules should be the CPAN version, and I think the rest 

Joshua can correct me though.


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