[Koha] Problem in running "bulkmarcimport.pl" script

Rob Weir robweir at alum.drexel.edu
Thu Jan 25 17:01:24 NZDT 2007

Hi Chris:
Thanks for the help with the MARC modules. Are you using the latest CVS 
versions of MARC-Record and MARC_Charset from the MARC.pm  project at 
Sourceforge? Or are you using one of the earlier "stable" versions 
listed under the project's file download page?

What about MARC-XML? Are you getting that from Sourceforge as well? If 
so, the CVS version?

I didn't realize that the koha project was using CVS versions of some 
modules. I guess I just assumed the latest versions from CPAN would work.

Other than the three modules that I mentioned above, are there any 
modules that need to use other than the latest release version available 
from CPAN? What about XML-SAX? Are there some tricks for getting the 
right version of that?

 I think I have the 2.2.7 bulkmarcimport.pl running using MARC-Record 
2.0RC1 from the files page at Sourceforge and MARC_Charset 0.92 from the 
CVS at Sourceforge. Earlier, I tried the 0.92 version of MARC_Charset 
from CPAN and even though the  version number is the same, it is missing 
the ignore_errors method that koha's bulkmarcrecord is calling at line #24.


Chris Cormack wrote:
> Hi Rob
> Yes it does work on linux, and yes there are problems with MARC::Record.
> What you want is the latest version from sourceforge, the version at 
> CPAN is very old and has some bugs.
> Chris
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