[Koha] Problem in running "bulkmarcimport.pl" script

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Tue Jan 16 11:48:02 NZDT 2007

Rob Weir wrote:
> I still have not received any response on this inquiry. Could someone please 
> verify if the 2.2.7 version of bulkmarcimport.pl runs correctly on a linux
> system and if so what version of MARC-Record is loaded? Is anyone aware
> of any problems with certain versions of the MARC-Record module?
Hi Rob

Sorry about the delay, combination of the xmas holiday break, a visiting 
mother in law, and an 8 week old son :)

Yes it does work on linux, and yes there are problems with MARC::Record.
What you want is the latest version from sourceforge, the version at 
CPAN is very old and has some bugs.


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