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Bigwood, David bigwood at lpi.usra.edu
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Another option is the Z39.50 client in MarcEdit. Also free. It can
search by author, title, ISBN or keyword. It also has a batch option,
just feed it a file of ISBNs and get a file of MARC records. It is not
as sophiscated as Bookwhere, nor Alliance Plus I'd guess. But the price
is right and MarcEdit has lots of other uses


As for getting the records from the old system into Koha, check if the
old system will export MARC records. Those will just import into Koha.
No need for conversions of Excel files. If you do need to convert Excel
files MarcEdit can help with that. (We all owe Terry Reese a great deal
for creating such a useful tool)



David Bigwood

dbigwood at gmail.com




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>I think what Robin is looking for is something like Alliance Plus from
>Follett, where you can search for a title and pull MARC records from
>somewhere else. I'm new to Koha (still haven't quite got it running),
>I wouldn't think it would offer anything like that. I believe Follett
>charges for the use of Alliance Plus, I do wonder if you could
subscribe to
>something like Alliance Plus and use it with Koha.

Koha most certainly does have an ISBN search feature where someone can
import a MARC record from another catalogue using z39.50. It's
accessible from the cataloguing module and doesn't take much to get
working; just pick your servers and go. 
I'm old fashioned and tend to import manually, so if someone else wants
to chime in on this, go for it. But, I would guess that if someone was
looking to do a title search with z39.50, that probably wouldn't be far
Koha spanks the crizznap outta Follett, IMHO.


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