[Koha] Re: Re: questions from prospective Koha user

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Fri Dec 7 16:50:02 NZDT 2007


>I think what Robin is looking for is something like Alliance Plus from
>Follett, where you can search for a title and pull MARC records from
>somewhere else. I'm new to Koha (still haven't quite got it running),
>I wouldn't think it would offer anything like that. I believe Follett
>charges for the use of Alliance Plus, I do wonder if you could
subscribe to
>something like Alliance Plus and use it with Koha.

Koha most certainly does have an ISBN search feature where someone can
import a MARC record from another catalogue using z39.50. It's
accessible from the cataloguing module and doesn't take much to get
working; just pick your servers and go. 
I'm old fashioned and tend to import manually, so if someone else wants
to chime in on this, go for it. But, I would guess that if someone was
looking to do a title search with z39.50, that probably wouldn't be far
Koha spanks the crizznap outta Follett, IMHO.

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