[Koha] List of what each field in the various tables do

Karin Christensen kc at menighedsfakultetet.dk
Tue Apr 20 23:24:26 NZST 2004

In November 2003 somebody asked here for a "list of what each field in the various tables do" - see the e-mail below.
I am still waiting for the answer.

OR if somebody would explain or send a link to an explanation of meaning of and difference between

Karin Christensen
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> We're just starting out with Koha 2.0 to see if it could be used as a 
> replacement for Follett.   However, we are running into a few snags 
> that should be fairly simple to fix.
> Our major snag is lack of documentation for the internals of Koha.  For 
> instance, is there a description of the various database tables, and 
> what each field is used for?  This would make mapping fields to MARC 
> fields much simpler.  We're running into problems with our mappings, 
> especially with the distinction between items and biblioitems, for 
> instance.
> Is this kind of low-level documentation available anywhere??
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