[Koha] MARC importing tool? ... trepidatiously into the breach

rachel at katipo.co.nz rachel at katipo.co.nz
Sat Aug 16 22:45:51 NZST 2003


Great link thank you,

>        URL <http://www.loc.gov/marc/marctools.html>

> Your library staff should realise, though, with any system migration,
> there *will* be "interactive" work to be done: i.e. touching up of the
> records in the new system. This is *normal*. From what I've been
> reading, people seem to be expecting Koha to eliminate this (even Koha
> people seem to be aiming pretty high in thinking this can be
> eliminated). Remember: your cataloguing staff are there for a reason ;-)

I'd back this sentiment up - there are a huge range of libraries
interested in Koha, but we (Katipo anyway) have always assumed a number of
things when doing an install

1/. There is someone who knows the catalogue and can manually fix anything
that is just too mad when it gets accross (No one catalogues perfectly -
so there is always some manky data).

2/. There is someone who can do data munging, to get all the *other* data
out of the current system - so that you don't loose any books that are out
on loan, and all those reserves etc - So I guess I've assumed a lending

Koha should do as much as it can, and I woud be interested in seeing some
work on getting other data into Koha, as well as the MARC stuff - but I
figure that's much harder ?


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