[Koha] Please Clarify My Understanding of Data Upgrade Process

Robert Maynord maynord at terracom.net
Sun Aug 17 05:32:03 NZST 2003

Dear Koha Folks:

Our Library is preparing for the upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.0.  I have 
2.0-pre installed on a separate machine, with koha 2.0-pre up and 
running - no data.  Our 1.2.3 machine is still operative, but the Z3950 
tool has stopped working.  Our data is safe, and I have made a backup of 
it using the mysql tool.  My hope is to transfer the data from the 1.2.3 
machine to the new koha 2.0 machine.  However, I understand that the two 
formats are not the same, 2.0 using the MARC record format.  So far, I 
have the following understanding/misunderstanding of the upgrade process---

1) There is currently no "dedicated" tool for data upgrade from 1.2.3 to 

2) The Z3950 tool in 2.0-pre is not yet operative, although some folks 
may have had some luck "tweaking" it.

3) John Voth has offered a program that will download MARC records from 
the LOC, if the ISBN number is given.

4) MARC records can be imported into Koha 2.0-pre using 
bulkmarcimport.pl, but this should not be used unless the books are 
actually available in the library.  Bulkmarcimport.pl does not import 
into the breeding farm.

5) If I have a commercial CD full of MARC records, bulkmarcimport.pl 
will not work for the reason in #4.

6) If I had a way of converting the old data to MARC format, I could 
import into 2.0 by using bulkmarkimport.pl

I am sure there is much I am missing here.  Any clarification would be 
most helpful, as I have the task of putting our Koha in good shape for 
the school  librarian to use.  So far, I have not yet figured out a 
clear way to proceed...

Thanks Much!

Robert Maynord

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