[Koha] koha requiring constant login/authentification

Tom Madron tmadron at ewc-inc.com
Sun Aug 10 03:57:29 NZST 2003

I was experiencing the same problem with IE6, but not with Mozilla.  That 
implies the problem is one with IE6 and may still be a cookie problem even 
though it is not apparent by inspecting the HTTP_COOKIE environmental 
variable.  In my case cookies from koha were being blocked for some 
reason.  In IE6 check View/Privacy Report, then find the path to koha.  If 
the word "blocked" is found beside the URL, then hightligt that line, and 
click on the summary button.  Click the radio button that says "Always 
allow this site to use cookies," and click OK.  That, at least, took care 
of having to enter a UserID and password for every screen in koha.

Tom Madron

At 05:15 PM 8/7/2003 +0200, Matthias & Melanie Kasimir <wahr at epost.de> wrote:
> > After trying to log in, do you see any cookies set by "server:8888" in
> > your browser? (In Mozilla, look in the cookie manager.  Other
> > browsers, consult your manual.) I suspect a cookie is being set for an
> > incorrect name, so the browser doesn't return it to the server, so the
> > server doesn't know you are already logged in.
>Ok, there is a cookie in the cookie manager. It is not marked with
>the port, just the hostname, which is not a FQDN, just the name of
>the box (server). It is a session-id which expires at the end of the
>Thus the browser should be treating koha correctly. It would have
>been so easy :-(
>Greetings, Matthias
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