[Koha] koha requiring constant login/authentification

Matthias & Melanie Kasimir <wahr at epost.de> genesis at gmx.net
Fri Aug 8 03:15:11 NZST 2003


> After trying to log in, do you see any cookies set by "server:8888" in
> your browser? (In Mozilla, look in the cookie manager.  Other
> browsers, consult your manual.) I suspect a cookie is being set for an
> incorrect name, so the browser doesn't return it to the server, so the
> server doesn't know you are already logged in.

Ok, there is a cookie in the cookie manager. It is not marked with 
the port, just the hostname, which is not a FQDN, just the name of 
the box (server). It is a session-id which expires at the end of the 

Thus the browser should be treating koha correctly. It would have 
been so easy :-( 

Greetings, Matthias

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