[Koha] Barcode info needed

Rosalie Blake rosalie at library.org.nz
Tue May 6 10:06:59 NZST 2003

Hi George
This is not the answer you hoped for, but it may get you the answer 
you need. It's an Excel spreadsheet with the formulae set in so that it 
generates running barcode numbers. These are the ones that work 
at HLT with Koha. We put an alpha character in front, but I don't 
think Koha cares whether the letter is there or not. 

On 5 May 2003, at 23:13, George Jenner wrote:

> Hello
> I've helped set up a library for our primary school over the past 8
> months or so.  Koha was a possible candidate for our computer system
> but I couldn't get it going in time.  But it's probable that we will
> change systems next year, and I will propose Koha again.
> Why I'm writing is that we are about to reshelve all the books, and I
> want to use the opportunity to put barcodes on them.  I think we've
> got a volunteer to print them all using kbarcode (found the reference
> here) but our ignorance of barcodes themselves is still profound.
> What I want to do is print barcodes that will be accepted by any
> library software, so I need a specification.  I see things like EAN
> 12, UPC, 3 of 9 (not 7 of 9?).  I don't want to know what they mean, I
> just want someone to say  "use a 13 digit number, EAN 12 coding, don't
> use letters and everything will be all right".  Is such a
> specification possible? Or do I have to know what they mean.  ( If so
> I'll just buy the barcodes from Junior Librarian, which is the system
> the headmistress wants - but I want to spend the money on books)
> Our books are numbered from 1 to 6500 and I intend to use those
> numbers as barcode numbers.
> Many thanks for any advice
> George Jenner
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