[Koha] Updated Windows Install Packages for Koha - New wiki pages

robweir at alum.drexel.edu robweir at alum.drexel.edu
Fri Apr 11 03:36:52 NZST 2003

Windows install packages for Koha Stable Release V1.2.3 and Koha Test Release V1.9.1 are now available. In addition, there is now a new set of pages on the Koha wiki supporting installing Koha on Windows. Go to http://www.saas.nsw.edu.au/wiki/index.php?page=KohaProject and click on KohaOnWindows to find download links and other information to help you install and run Koha on a WIndows platform.

Koha V1.9.2 may be released very soon, and I'll try to make a Windows install package available as soon as possible after the release.

Questions and suggestions regarding Koha on Windows should be directed to koha-win32 at lists.sourceforge.net.


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