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Mark Tearle mtearle at tearle.com
Wed Aug 30 04:55:20 NZST 2000

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Simon Blake wrote:

> > 2) Is there a ROADMAP style document explaining the design so far?
> >     Looking at Koha's table layout and my abandoned projects I notice
> >     many similarities and a couple of differences.
> Ahh, it's not a bad idea :-).

I did like from looking at the code that some initial effort has been made
to abstract tasks such as returns into a library.

I can see Koha being taken up at many sites, I think it would be worthwhile
at this early stage hammering out guidelines for developers as to 
where and how localisations and extensions should be added to the code.  
(every library is different)

> > 3) How do you see Koha evolving?
> In the immediate future, the usual round of bugfixes and feature
> enhancements, with a rewrite of the CDK circ module in slang almost ready to
> go into testing.  

What prompted the move from CDK to slang?

> Beyond that, who knows.  Likely to be related to whatever scratches our
> itch, or whatever code is contributed, or whatever somebody convinces us is
> valuable.
This leads me to a design question - in ziggy we split the list of Authors
and Publishers out into separate tables,  was this considered in the
design of Koha?
(it enabled a few funky features in the acquisitions code that I wrote
 for ziggy and also in the web interface in terms of searching the

Other than that, a lot of the tables in Koha seem intuitive, but a few
of them I'm a bit lost on, is there an explanation of the database design

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