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Mark Tearle mtearle at tearle.com
Tue Aug 29 01:33:01 NZST 2000

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Rachel Hamilton-Williams wrote:

> HI Mark - thank you and welcome - and too everyone else too.
Glad to be here.

> We've been quite overwhelmed by the positive feedback and enthusiasim for 
> Koha, and are really excited about the possibilities that syncing up with 
> other systems offers.
Koha is quite unique so far :
	a) it's actually in use 
	b) it's not daunting to developer or the lay user - as Avanti
	   is with it's development in Java or pytheas with it's concentration
           on metadata.
	c) built on top of an SQL database (okay, maybe not that unique)
	    but it means the backend can remain relatively stable in
            relation to the amount of work going on elsewhere in the code.

> Unfortunatly Chris our mainprogrammer is away on bereavement leave at the 
> moment, so there will be a short halt in proceedings for a week or so - but 
> I'm sure he'll be keen to touch base once he gets back.
> Cheers
> Rachel

Nod, I'll fire a few questions off anyhow:

1) Is there an anonymous CVS repository setup for Koha?

2) Is there a ROADMAP style document explaining the design so far?
    Looking at Koha's table layout and my abandoned projects I notice
    many similarities and a couple of differences.

3) How do you see Koha evolving?

4) Is there a feature/wish list for Koha?

There are undoubtedly more, but that's a start.

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